- Communicate and promote environmental education in the community, developing actions that include them in the path to sustainable development.

- Promote the prevention of loss of biological diversity, degradation of the sea and soil.

- Create a link between the population and the environment, giving the community knowledge in conservation and protection of natural resources.

- To generate in the citizens a process of re-discovery of more environmentally friendly values , emphasizing the importance of our daily activities.

- To deepen in the Environmental Education from the action.

- Build own environmental norms and values, affirm them, justify them and live them.

- Establish contact with other foundations, companies, organizations that have similar projects and plans.

- Disseminate the right to a healthy environment as a fundamental human right.

 PEFF is an organization dedicated to the development of cultural, artistic, educational and socio-environmental projects.

Our main project is the realization of the International Environmental Film Festival of Patagonia ,

the most important environmental audiovisual event in Argentina, based in the city of Puerto Madryn, Chubut.

Its objective is to generate a space for dissemination, education and debate through audiovisual productions of environmental issues urging to generate a space for reflection, awareness and participation regarding the care of the environment.
With an integrative, critical and optimistic point of view, the audiovisual productions included in the festival,

inform, raise awareness and contribute to improving the quality of life of our community and our planet.

We also carry out the Itinerant PEFF, project that takes projections and debates on environmental cinema to different

cities. We carry out activities with schools, universities, cultural centers, fairs and congresses as well as

we organize seminars, workshops and sustainable shows, in order to promote health, education and well-being.




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Cristian Perez Scigliano

Director artístico

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Alejandra Scigliano

Producción comercial

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Joel Hume


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Rocio Perez


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Dana Cardozo

Gestión de proyectos y RRII

Carolina Mamone

Prensa y Comunicación

Camila Vega
Coordinadora de

Bianca Giuggia Abrany

Traducción y Subtitulado

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Andrea Celso

Asesoramiento Externo


Melina Julieta Roberts
Marcos Emanuel Antiman
Tobías Federico Moraga
Egle Estefanía Reinoso
Thalia Leticia Sarzuri
Fernando Perez Scigliano

Marcela Bainotti
Carolina Susana Curin
Aldana Rossi
Alexander Choque

María Victoria Magallanes
Emanuel Pistara